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Navy Gin

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This high strength navy gin is made using the finest fresh botanicals of Juniper, Coriander, Kaffir lime, fresh Orange and Pink Grapefruit zests, and Seville orange flowers. The spirit is then conditioned in charred oak casks made bespoke for us, at barrel strength of 65% abv, and then let down to 57% with Dartmoor water.

The time spent in the cask delivers a richness of oak and vanilla and complements the citrus notes with a small hint of smoke. This makes for an extremely rare style of gin.

This gin is a king for a martini, negroni or a gimlet, but will also serve fantastically with traditional mixers or straight on the rocks. A willing foe and sea-room (drink whilst seated)

Alcohol Percentage: 57%
Volume: 70cl

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