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Lemon Vodka

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According to my russian stepdad, affectionally known as ‘Rogue’, Lemon Vodka was a new year’s eve tradition in the land of his fathers. This was something we took to our hearts with great enthusiasm in our late teens and can now, with the founding of Exeter Distillery, perpetuate bringing this tradition to new generations so you too can make this recipe at home we gift the following recipe:

возьмите бутылку водки, цедру одного лимона, добавьте цедру в водку и поставьте на ночь в теплое место. Утром поставьте водку со вкусом лимона в холодильник или морозильник на несколько часов. На здоровье

Alcohol Percentage: 40%
Volume: 70cl

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