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Exeter Distillery

History of Exeter Distillery.

Historically, the two brothers spent many years in the hospitality industry, Rob running various bars, pubs and clubs and Mish running bistros, renovating ancient manors and in between both had many interesting careers and experiences in life grounding reality..In their late twenties they got together and opened a successful Cider Pub in Worcester, The Apple Tree..

Roll on a few years….
Exeter Distillery was founded by Robs brother Hamish starting life as the smallest Distillery in England in his bedroom above The Fat Pig in John Street, Exeter renovated from a nineteenth century corner pub previously known as The Coachmakers Arms.
Mish expanded his realm with a further three pubs dotted around the town whilst Rob returned to the 150 acre farm in Somerset to help his wife Suzie, driving tractors, Lorries and feeding the ever present hoards.

Roll on a few more years…
Mish was looking for ‘the quieter life’ with his young family and asked Rob if he’d like to take over the reins of Exeter Distillery. Once again the call to the bar was put out..Rob accepted and Mish moved ‘dreckly’ to an ancient farmstead in Cornwall…

Roll on the weirdest year on earth…
The fruits and bounty of Mother Earth….Country meets Town…No lie in Nature….
People having fun have combined with Robs alchemists expertise continue to inspire this small business constantly pushing the creative boundaries of all those around them.. manifesting inspired thought into delectable product after delectable product..
Whilst the set up is a little Heath Robinson with the stripping still converted from a brewing tank. Two Hillbilly Stills from Kentucky, USA (Bad Fagin being the original and title holder of the entire product range) were both shipped in to finish the small batch handcrafted spirit. Plenty of copper of all shapes sizes and callings add the sweetest sweetness to the finished spirit where needed. The alchemistic input is crucial and Robs lifetime experience with the roughest Vodka from Moscow to the finest and most expensive Brandy’s have allowed him to mature a deep appreciation of flavours with a generous dollop of immutable persistence and love.
The decor is reclaimed from Victorian shops and factory’s..the art work in the bar is quirky and eclectic to say the least..

Exeter Distillery is proud to produce hand crafted rums, gins, vodkas, their legendary Apple Pie Moonshine and even an Absinthe based on an original recipe which took 25 years to hunt down….’Pierre Ordinaire’..from the 1790’s.. a great story all round..with many variations and conspiracies… To hear it and to contribute your creative thought please do come visit…though remember Robs bar, Robs rules..

Free thinkers, sensible drinkers, exploring minds…myths…fairy tales and musicians welcome.
L’heure verte!

Custom Batches

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As well as distilling our own spirits, we can create custom made micro-batches for private individuals or businesses. With a delicate process of developing flavour, maturing and finding balance, we can produce a wide range of different spirits, with a variety of production timelines and a range of different quantities. Get in touch to find out more.

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